Horse stables and enclosures are normally big bulky and hard to relocate, Easi Industries have a range of portable enclosures that solve this problem.

Our enclosures are a light, portable, economical solution for the horse lover that cannot for whatever reason construct a normal horse enclosure.

This innovative patented product can be relocated with the minimum of effort, and fuss.

Horse Stable Description

Our portable enclosures have two rails on the sides, and two rails on the back, as well as a rail on the top of each side, with a two rail gate.

The nominal size of each enclosure is 3.5mt x 2.2mt, but custom sizes can be made to order. The enclosures fit together, using pins to hold the together, and they need no tools to erect or dismantle.

Utilising lightweight steel, the enclosures are strong, and easily manoeuvred, as they break down to a small bundle, 3.5mt x .5mt x .4mt, for transportation, with a weight of less than 100kg, you can easily relocate the enclosure on roof racks of a small sedan.

We can supply colourbond or shade roof kits for our stable enclosures, to provide protection from the elements.

Contact Us for details on Portable Horse Stables that fit to the side of shipping containers, and horse floats.

If you lease a paddock, or constantly move horses from one paddock to another, you do not need to build stable enclosures in each one, all you need is an Easi-fit portable stable enclosure.

If you need a feed/tack room with stables on the side, we will soon be able to provide you with a product that will be relocatable.

If you compete at horse events, and constantly battle for stable space, then the horse float kit will be suitable for you, this kit will transport on the side of your float, and only take minutes to erect. Providing you with an enclosure that is safe and allow you to keep your horses near your tack.